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I finished BioShock 2.  Again.  I got the same ending as when I played the first time.  Perhaps I should have harvested all the Little Sisters…

I still haven’t written anything yet like I’ve been meaning to, but I have the outline done full and proper, so writing should be easy.  Should be being the key words there, and at any rate writing should be… easier with the outline.  As much as I love writing free and clear with no restraints, I am writing about true events so it’d be nice to have a set direction.  Nothing would be worse than a book full of ramblings.  If I wanted people to read that, I’d try to recreate the Necronomicon or something.

But at least I can say I did something constructive.  I have the outline.  Now I need to start writing.  But that comes later, I have to work in the morning.


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I neglect this thing far too much.

I haven’t fully decided if it’s because I wait until things happen in my life that are worth writing about, or if I only write when I try to alleviate my guilt for not putting forth any effort to be the writer I know I can be.  Probably both; although I seemed to have more to say when I was a whiny, angsty teenager complaining in my DeadJournal… O__o

Where to begin?  I suppose the beginning is always the best place, especially if one is catching up.  I suppose I should start in December, after my last post.  That’s where I left off, anyway.

I was living in Newnan with friends, on unemployment still, and fervently trying to look for a job.  Nothing panned out, the new year came and went, we started fighting about money, we had a falling out, I moved back home with my parents.  (There’s the annotated version because the long-winded version plays out like a bad soap opera in my head every time I think about it.  Everything is over and done with, and while I regret losing a best friend for something very stupid, it still happened.  We live and we learn, and truth be told I will never do that again.)

Enter February.  I started a new job as a quality control technician in a plant that’s not far from the house.  Sounds fancy, doesn’t it?  It’s not.  Putting it simply, I inspect parts that are made in the plant.  The plant itself (TI Automotive), makes gas tanks for certain models of BMW, Volkswagon, and Hyundai/Kia cars.  There’s about 8 different lines running in the plant, not to mention all the shipping and receiving that goes on.  It’s loud, crazy, and monotonous work.  Truth be told, I hate it, only I can’t complain because the pay is not bad and I can pay my bills.

I only complain about the job until the “this job is bigger than you” thought crosses my mind.  Then I get set back into my place for a while.  The plant makes gas tanks that will be in cars that people actually drive, and I’m inspecting the parts.  I stop complaining after that.  The job is still boring, though.  I catch myself watching the press near me make a part and the robots do their designed task.  Boring as it in there, it’s fascinating.

Moving on.

Ever since I went to London in 2007, I’ll pine for it every 3-6 months.  I’ve been missing it lately, just thought I’d share.

Lately I’ve gotten this bug about getting things done, and not leaving anything unfinished.  This includes writing, cleaning, whatever I can think of that I’d usually put off.  I started digging through my notebooks trying to find a script for a movie I was working on, only to remember that it was on my external hard drive, which crashed ages ago.  Back to square 1 on that one.

I was without a gaming console for a few weeks after I applied the January Dashboard update to my Xbox.  My original 360 Elite went through a ton of freezes before it finally red ringed, so I took it apart (my warranty was gone ages ago) and attempted to fix it myself in addition to modding the case.  The fix didn’t work, so now my case mod is useless, especially since I gave up and purchased a newer 360.  X_x  I tried to save it, though.  I really did.  I can game again, but I’m sad I can’t use my Emilie Autumn 360 case mod.  It really is beautiful.

I’ve got a lot of things running through my mind but no clear way as to how I want to convey them.  Maybe that’s why I get so many headaches, too many pressing thoughts. :3

Well, this seems to be a good place as any to leave off.  I feel I’ve bloggored enough today, and I should get to writing something; although it’s more likely I’ll end up playing BioShock 2 until bed, though.

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Bloggy blog

I had just started another bog on here, but decided to change my user name…

I never thought I’d try the whole “blogosphere” thing.  I used to have a DeadJournal in high school, which is the “darker” version of LiveJournal I suppose.  Seeing as how I was in 9th grade, my posts were rarely anything more than whinings, rants about school or how my life utterly sucked.

I of course was a mere child then, no matter how grown up I wanted to be.  I’m not entirely sure how this blog would be any different than that first online journal, except that now I’m 22 with a steady job, debt, and I watch the news and try to focus on how my government makes radical changes that will or does affect my life…Actually that’s not entirely accurate.  as much as I try to follow all the policies and whatever of Governmental America, really the only relative thing to me at this time is my job; mostly about keeping and somehow paying my bills each month, you know, like every other middle-class American these days?

I know for certain this blog will include work.  Seeing as how I work at a television station, and while small-time we do air relevant news stories for North East Georgia.  We know we’re not big budget, and half the time, we rarely ever take ourselves seriously.  To be honest, our programming is rubbish.  I may feel like blogging about this at some point in the future.

Seeing as how I can’t really think of much else to type about without it becoming it’s own post, I suppose I’ve reached the end of my first blog post.  Except to wonder how people get paid for this sort of thing…extra income nowadays is always a plus.

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