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Er, I’m quite rubbish at keeping up with blogs, obviously.  I mean, you’d think with me being unemployed ONCE AGAIN, I would have ample time to write petty nonsense in this thing.  I don’t know, at any rate, I haven’t been keeping track of much.

Let’s see, as I mentioned above, I lost my job in November.  Once again I was laid off.  It’s possible I should move back home with my parents, but I’m trying to see if I can find another job first.

December 4th I saw Trans-Siberian Orchestra.  I have to say the concert was fantastic.  It was everything I hoped it would be ever since I started listening to them at age 14.  I went away from the show feeling dazzled and slightly deaf, but so happy I saw them.

One week later (December 11th), I flew to New York with my friend Kim and saw Rammstein.  I can honestly say without a doubt it was the BEST concert I have ever been to.  To be a part of that history, to see them in the U.S. for the first time in almost 10 years, and in Madison Square Gardens, was nothing short of awe-inspiring.  Marking that off my bucket list was pretty awesome.

I went away from that concert with the ultimate feeling of euphoria, even more deaf than the week before, also hoarse.  It didn’t matter, I was/am so happy I saw them.  Words can’t describe the happiness.  I, like the other fans who saw Rammstein in NY, hope they decide to eventually tour the U.S.

What else?  Oh, well…tomorrow is my birthday.  Yeah, happy birthday to me.  I’ll be at my cousin’s, doing laundry and reading and hoping the day doesn’t suck too terribly bad.

Update over, I’ve nothing more to write.


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Blogging whilst at work.  I’ve been meaning to write something for quite some time, but I’m only now getting around to it.

General catch-up

3 weekends ago Atlanta hosted Gay Pride.  I went to the festivities all 3 days (Friday to Sunday) and meant to blog about it.  We see how well that went.  I’ll write up a separate entry soon, because all the fun that was had cannot simply fit into this one entry alone.

By a stroke of luck at a local Barnes & Noble, I got my hands on the Complete Sherlock Holmes: Vol. 1 & 2.  I am part way through the The Sign of Four.  Finding quiet time to read is difficult at best; I’ve taken to locking myself in the bathroom and bringing the book to work with me for some alone time.  I’m not complaining, I rather enjoy it.

I’ve felt creative as of late, a smattering of poems and a partial story have been written.  None of it complete, should work on this.

My general rantings, however, deal with the atrocities on the Georgia interstates that claim to be suitable drivers.  They’re not.  They’re brainless, devolved beasts with 2-ton death missles, and that’s putting it mildly.  I don’t know what’s been emptied into the water supply to make everyone bat-shit crazy when it comes to driving on the interstate, but it’s been effective.  Maybe it’s the weather or the recent full moon.  Whatever the case may be, it’s made me think about modifying my car; perhaps into something along the lines of a tricked-out death machine you see in video games.

Not realistically possible for my make and model car, but I digress.

What else?  OH, Emilie Autumn’s second printing of her novel The Asylum for Wayward Victorian Girls finally shipped.  Now if mum will send my copy to me, all will be right in the world.  I cannot wait to have my copy actually in my hands.

OH!  Also, I’m so excited about Rammstein playing their first U.S. show in 10 years!  They’ll be in NY on Dec. 11th, and I HAVE TICKETS TO BE THERE!!  I’m so excited about this, I cannot wait for November to pass.

I also have tickes for Trans Siberian Orchestra next month.  More excitement.

At any rate, that seems to be the gist of it.  I’ve noticed since picking up Sherlock Holmes my speech has gotten far more proper.  As it should be, I suppose.  Not many in America know what proper grammar is.  Indeed, half my peers still use their/there/they’re and your/you’re improperly, and we’ve been graduated from high school 6 years.  No matter, at least I can say grammar/literature class were my best studies.

I’ll end this now, work to be done.

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