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The age old cliche time flies when you’re having fun doesn’t apply here.  I would hardly call the last few weeks “fun”.  Let’s call them busy.  Busy is good.

I have turned in all necessary paperwork for the police academy, and now I’m waiting on my psyche evaluation.  I’m a little nervous about that, mainly because I’m stressing over what it takes to “pass” the evaluation…  I’m also chomping at the bit to get all my equipment.  I’m excited to get my boots, utility belt, hand cuffs, flashlight, and my gun.  I’m so giddy over the gun I can barely contain myself.

Maybe that’s a bad thing…  I’ve never owned a gun before…

Anywho.  All things considered, I’m excited about the police academy, and I know it will be here before I know it.

Moving on.

I’ve also re-teamed up with Cattie, and we are collaborating on what will most likely be a graphic novel.  We’ve had this RPG notebook project that’s almost reached the decade mark, and we finally sat down to revise everything.  We’ve gotten characters together, talked about what needed to go and what could stay, focused on a linear story line, etc.

It feels kind of surreal to have our pet project grow into something bigger.  We kind of always knew this was bigger than ourselves, but still.  It started from boredom in highschool, when we were rebellious and didn’t want to pay attention to our lessons.  It took of from there, and we realized we loved our little roleplaying game more than we thought and we just kept it going.  Now it’s taken on a new life as we edit and get everything together…

Okay, I think I’m done with this post, hopefully this will alleviate my guilt for having this lackadaisical attitude when it comes to keeping a blog…


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I haven’t updated because:

I have a tendency to forget that I have a blog; indeed, growing up I had a very hard time keeping a diary or journal.  But as a writer with dreams of grandeur (it should be noted that ‘dreams of grandeur’ mostly involves being published and little else), I have this unnatural obsession of hoarding/collecting journals (and pens).  Most of them are unused, but I have them just in case I need to write something… /tangent

Life update (I suppose):

My last post was about a potential job with the Fayette County Police Department.  I ended up applying to them twice (desperate much?), in addition to putting applications with police departments in Peachtree City, Griffin, and lastly McDonough.  After all these applications (and fully memorizing my license number),  I decided to just say “Fuck it!”, put myself through a police academy myself, and go from there.  Enter the Clayton County Police Academy.

I have been through orientation and have a packet (more like a folder, but I digress) of paperwork.  Applications, applications for my applications, a checklist, an equipment list, waivers, a check-list for a physical, and a layout of a long list of documents; all of which need to be gathered together, completed, signed, sealed, etc. etc. by June 19th.  All of this is just to ensure that I’m in class July 19th.  I’m hardly kidding about all of this.  I’m now in the process of getting all of this together and completed so I don’t have to worry about it anymore.  I know the end game is going to be completely worth it, but it’s still taxing.

Hmmm…Let’s see…Oh!  I went to my first ever Georgia Renaissance Festival this past weekend (May 1st- 2nd).  It was fun and decent, I remember friends in high school that would go every single year and would LARP…

Moving on.

I don’t know if I ever blogged about Shrinkle’s Sugarpill cosmetic line, but since the launch I have loved the eyeshadows I have from her (Love + and Bulletproof).  I use them with some Hi-Fi Cosmetics shadows I have to create a sunfire look.  I recently ordered Midori and Taki from her and my order got switched with another girl’s that ordered right after me, and Amy told us we could keep the mix-ups and shipped out our right orders.  Technically, not for me.  I got to my mom’s house (academy stuff required a paternal visit) and opened the box to find…Love + and Bulletproof, what I ordered from her the first time I ever ordered.  I laughed for about 5 minutes at the whole situation and then emailed Amy to let her know.  She was extremely apologetic and promised to fix it “for real this time”.

Please don’t think that I’m in anyway bitching or complaining about Amy.  I’m not, I’m really not.  I’ve been eyeing her ebay since 2004 or so and am completely in love with her DIY/sewing ability (even though I haven’t been able to order clothes from her yet).  I LOVE Sugarpill and will swear by it for all eternity.  I love the colors and (unless Amy says different) I actually like the idea of having an extra Love + and Bulletproof handy.

I find my particular situation hilarious, and I know it happens.  Amy spent a long time creating and designing her line and putting together a quality product, not to mention all the other stuff she has going on in her life.  I know mix-ups will happen, and I’m particularly grateful that Amy (not to mention the other girls I order from, mainly Veronica and Chelsea) is so sweet.

All that being said, I do eagerly await my Sugarpill order.  Again.  And I will no matter what I order.

Dream of grandeur:

I’ve been staying with my cousin while all this crazy-ness for the academy has begun, and while watching them and their marriage bickering has led me to the ultimate conclusion to never get married, I’ve also found an obsessive love for their Comcast On Demand.  I’ve been re-discovering shows I hadn’t watched in forever (BBC Top Gear, Intervention), and simply discovering shows I never thought I’d love (True Blood).

Top Gear has led to my dream of grandeur; a car that I desperately love but will never, ever get to own in a million years.

Let me segway into this by saying that there’s a fair few number of mechanics in my family.  My mother is a certified mechanic and worked at an auto parts chain for 9 years, my step-dad is a mechanic and to this day is still working for the same auto parts chain that employed my mother.  My cousin has his own transmission shop.  I also have a close friend that is a manic fan of Top Gear and loves cars.  Basically: I love cars.

That being said, enter my dream car:

The Lexus LFA super car.

This is the wallpaper on my phone 🙂

Simply put: this car is a beast.  An amazing, highly expensive, super fast beast.  It houses a 4.8 liter v10 engine and has been carefully designed to be light, aerodynamic, and fierce.  The entire car is made of carbon fiber to capitalize on the “light and super fast” bits.

As the specs of this car and Top Gear’s overview and test drive of this car made me melt into a pool of desire, the financial specifications of this piece of road art brought me back to earth pretty quickly.  I will never, ever, EVER own this car, even if I wanted to.  This is why it’s my dream of grandeur.

Thanks to Autoblog, I was able to get an accurate dollar-by-dollar break down of WHY this car is my unattainable pipe dream. (Hey, when I dream, I tend to dream BIG…)

Those ugly dollar amounts:

First off: Lexus is only making 500 LFA’s.  That a pretty limited number, but could be understandable, considering of how much detail went into designing this car.  But it’s still a limited market.  The market is limited even more at the price: MSRP $375,000.

That’s right. $375,000.  Even IF you have that kind of money to throw down on this baby, you can’t just out-right OWN it.  You can lease the LFA.  For $12, 400 a month (for 24 months) and $298,000 due at signing.  So basically you can drive the LFA for 2 years and still not own the car, unless you want to pay an extra $93,000 when the lease ends.  Those that have the money can’t just lease the LFA all willy-nilly.  Lexus chooses who leases, the you pay a $10,000 deposit, go through a credit check, pay an additional $50,000 deposit (that’s $60,000 in deposits for those with basic maths skills), and go through a second credit check.  If you’ve survived these hoops, you pay the full amount of the lease using the Lexus 1Pay Lease ($298,00 for the kiddies paying attention), $700 in fees (not including the deposits, tax, tag, or title).

I’m sorry, that’s just WAY too much money.  Even though this car is brilliantly designed and quite obviously an amazing achievement, it will forever remain my unrealistic dream of grandeur.

That seems to do it for this post, I don’t have much more to talk about.  So for now, I take my leave.

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Until recently my job searches have been proving fruitless at best. Everywhere I sent my resume or tried to contact never came through. In this economy, it’s understandable, albeit highly frustrating.

The day before yesterday I was searching the Job Bank on the Georgia Department of Labor website (again), hoping I could find something, anything to picque my interest. By this point, I wasn’t even searching a specific job category, just choosing different Georgia locations and scanning the job listings.

Then I saw it. Fayette County, Deputy Sheriff. I looked over the minimum qualifications (minus the fact there’s training and testing to undergo), and have applied. Hopefully something comes through. If all else I could go through the police academy. I don’t know what it is, but I would really love to be in law enforcement. I can’t describe it, I can barely explain it, I just know I would absolutely love to be in that career field.

I’m crossing my fingers and hoping against hope that I get the opportunity to at least fulfill one of my dreams before I die. Not to sound morbid or anything. We all have a bucket list, or a career dream list. While the job title of “cop” isn’t on that list, it is a step in the right direction to where I want to go. The means to an end for all of this is simple: Eventually, I would really love to work for the FBI.

This is something I never thought I would want to do, but there you have it. I want to be an agent. Like I said, eventually. As the cliche goes, Rome wasn’t built in a day.

Now I just wait and see what happens.

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