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So this post may be a bit delayed, as Paranormal Activity has been out for a while, but I wanted to give my views on the movie.  I can’t help but give a positive review of this movie, because I liked it.

While I’ll try to just give a basic overview of the movie, I’ll go ahead and give a spoiler warning just in case.

Common knowledge: this is an independent movie.  I’ve found over the past few years that I enjoy indie films far more than the nationwide releases.  Adding to this the fact that my parent’s satellite TV subscription included The Sundance Channel and IFC, it was simple for me to see limited released films.  (Sundance’s late night Japanese horror flick on Sunday nights was the highlight of my week)  I use past tense because my mum changed our subscription and took out movie channels, I think those two gems were included.

This independent movie is nothing short of perfect.  In my opinion, this is exactly what horror should be.  That being said, I’ll this moment to have a mini-rant.  I want to know why it is Hollywood has come to the conclusion that violence + gore + sex + soft core porn = horror?  There’s very little suspense, let alone substance or plot.

Moment over.  I think Hollywood could learn a few things from this movie.  One of the driving points of the movie is that you never see the thing in the house.  You see what it does, but that’s all you need; the actors do the rest.

I found this movie scary, plain and simple.  I went into this movie not sure what to expect, having only seen the teaser trailers.  The hidden cameras used in the limited screenings were brilliant, and the audience reaction in the commercial mirrored the reactions in the theatre I was in.  I’ve never seen a film where everyone screamed, or jumped, or reacted to every part of the movie.  Knowing I wasn’t alone  in my feelings of the movie was a small comfort.  It got to where I dreaded the upcoming night scenes because I knew more was coming.

Call me weak, or what have you, I had trouble sleeping the next couple of nights.  The movie kept replaying in my head and I found myself tossing and turning before I went to sleep and just before I fully woke up.  This is something that has never happened to me, so I give lots of praise to director Oren Peli for creating such a masterpiece.

I can’t say too much else about this movie without giving everything away.  I’m on the fence about buying the DVD of this.  If the alternate endings and all the deleted scenes are included, of course I’ll want to check it out. (There’s three alternate endings, and a completely different version of the movie that corresponds with one of the endings)  But I’ll watch the movie during the day, and that’s if I could bring myself to watch it alone at all.


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