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I blogged a while ago about a product I received from Mobile Fun UK, where my penpal Natalie works.  Today I received an email from them asking if I would mention their new promotion in a blog post.  I am happy to comply.

Mobile Fun is running a new promotion to correspond with the release of a new product, called StuckBuddy, which can be found here.  The StuckBuddy is a universal suction cup, which can be used for anything.

The photos on the page show it being used to prop up a smartphone or tablet/e-reader, or as a portable hook to hang light things.  From the Mobile Fun Blog:

The StuckBuddy is a small suction cup which can be used to easily and sturdily prop up any smartphone, tablet or similar device.  It’s a simple idea that makes a big change – not only can it hold your device in either landscape or portrait mode, it will also stop it slipping and sliding around on the desk and is portable enough to carry wherever you go.  There’s really no need to lug around a bulky, expensive stand when this low-cost solution can slip easily into your pocket or handbag!

This looks like a very versatile product, since it is small enough to carry with you.  The price of the StuckBuddy is £4.99, or about $8.26 with U.S. currency conversion.  But fear not, Mobile Fun is giving these away with every purchase.

By using the promotional code ‘BUDDY‘ in the rebate code box (when you check out), Mobile Fun will send you one for free.  I periodically browse the site for accessories that don’t require plugs, because of the difference in UK/US plug ends, and I’m very interested in getting one of these myself, to test out its versatility.

Note: This blog was written as a favour to Mobile Fun.  I am in no way paid for my opinions or this review.


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