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I have another post I’m going to do, mostly detailing how I am officially and irrevocably a nerd.  Until then I’ll do this rambling post; not only to pass the time, but also prove that why yes, I can blog more than once a month.  I’m just saying.  I can do this, and once I get my other post together I’ll have 3 (ohmygod 3) blog posts in one month.  *the world collectively gasps*

Hey, if you can’t poke fun at yourself, what can you do?

Some things end, others begin.  But the TV Powers-That-Be make sure there’s a mostly reasonable balance.

As the kinda-not header suggests: TV.  I used to not watch any TV EVER, but after spending a year at a TV station I can watch some shows, but not the news.  I’m too critical about newscasts, mostly because of how much of a train wreck WNEG’s newscasts always turned out to be.

The shows I watch I get pretty fanatical about, when it sucks me in, it sucks me in hard.  Some shows have/are end(ed/ing), and some are finally starting a new season.

  • Re-runs of Buffy on Logo. I have all 8 seasons so this hardly counts…
  • RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 2 already ended (the finale pissed me off royally, I don’t even want to talk about it)


  • True Blood: I recently got into this and caught up on both seasons, the new season begins June 13th.  I’m so excited I could squeal. HBO’s viral campaign is right: Waiting Sucks.


  • Supernatural: I completely caught up on all 5 seasons. Season 5 finale Thursday May 13.
  • The Vampire Diaries: Season 1 finale Thursday May 13.

I get a distinct feeling that during one (or maybe both) finales, I will end up screaming.  Thursdays have seen me flooding Twitter with always wrong plot speculations and “OMG NOOO” tweets.

Bad ideas that usually happen around midnight:

Yeah, I know the whole eating late at night is a no-no, especially when you have a sweet craving…but realistically, how many of us pay attention to that?  Fess up, and I mean seriously, fess up.  Anywho, last night I was craving Toaster Strudel.  What usually happens when I’m making them is the middle is still cool, like my toaster just doesn’t want to get the job done no matter HOW HIGH I have the setting…

So I decided (after applying the icing) to microwave the pastries for a bit.  I microwaved them for probably 20 seconds longer than I should have and what I got was a gooey, molten sugary mess.  The filling and icing were reduced to a sub-par sugar liquid, and the entire thing was just inedible.

I could possibly whine about it, but I won’t, because I’m a mostly terrible cook.  The kitchen and I are always wary of each other, as noted above.  We just don’t mesh well…


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