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Headaches of my job

While I’ll be the first to step up and say my job is easy, it’s not without its problems.  The only thing is that when things go wrong at this TV station, even a little problem has major fallout.

Take Sunday night, for example.  My shift was from 2PM – 9PM. (If you’re unclear about what I do, I give an extensive break-down here.)  While I was going through the log for my shift (mainly double-checking breaks and show times, always a good practice), I noticed that although I join our movie network at 9PM (when the schedule says I’m supposed to be off, and when we go “unmanned”), there’s four breaks to run; two in the show at 9PM and two more at 10PM.  There’s also the lottery that airs at 11PM and a show that’s supposed to be recorded at midnight.

If I’ve lost anyone here, please bear with me.  Let me explain this again, perhaps a little more simply if you don’t understand TV speak.  My schedule had me working 2PM – 9PM.  At 9PM, we start running programming from a movie network.  At 9PM and 10PM there’s two one-hour shows, each show has two local breaks (local breaks mean our station has to play commercials at these specific times).  There’s also a lottery that airs at 11PM (we get the lottery from a satellite receiver), and a show that’s supposed to be recorded at midnight (this also comes from a satellite receiver).  Each of these things require a person; a person to run the breaks, a person to set up the receiver to air the lottery, and a person to start recording the show.

All this being said, it should be clear there was a scheduling error, bad form on my boss’s part to be sure.  I understand why he’d schedule me to get off earlier, because I have to commute an hour to Athens for the morning news (a live show).  My coworker told me earlier that someone was supposed to come in and do all the other stuff when I was supposed to get off.

Well, my coworker David came in at ten till 11PM and relieved me.  My boss called me after I had gotten home to tell me it was a logging error on behalf of the traffic department.  He then commend me on staying and making sure all breaks ran, and then gave me the next day off.  It wasn’t all bad, sometimes good things come out of the bad things.


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