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And I’m glad I did.  I bought books, a shirt, some odds and ends (make-up, cellphone cover, a necklace), but overall I’m happy with everything I got.

The make-up I ordered December 18th, from Hi-Fi Cosmetics on Etsy.  I had read Grey’s review of the order she received, and decided to give them a try.  I ordered the Self-Indulgence set and it came today.  This doesn’t bother me, seeing as how Christmas was coming,  I’m just glad to get the last piece of mail I’d been waiting on so mum would stop looking at me weird…

When I opened the envelope I was astonished to see Veronica had given me a small pack of gifts.  She signed the invoice with a personal thank-you, and my gifts included several business cards, a 2010 magnetic calendar with her business card attached, a card on how to properly apply and wear the set together, and four sample baggies of eyeshadow.

The sample baggie colors included:

  • Sacreligious – a luminescent purple
  • Buttercup – a bright yellow
  • Adeste Fideles – a bright gold
  • Butterfly Wings – a shimmery pink (and a color I had considered purchasing)

The eyeshadows were in their own wrapping, contained in a cute mesh bag tied with a ribbon, in a plastic bag with a penguin on.  I have to say that Veronica really knows how to make a customer feel special, and while I haven’t even worn the shades yet, I know I will be joining Grey in ordering from her again.  Grey’s review was true to the mark, and I already have more shades picked out.


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