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I have my own dream journal for logging everything I dream on a given night.  I started it in high school, not only to remember everything from the night before while it was still fresh in my mind; but also to keep an on-going record of how messed-up my dreams can be.

I don’t usually post my dreams in a public forum for a number of reasons, mostly because of how personal and private they are.  Yes, I too have the “casual sexy-time with *insert celebrity here*” dreams…but I digress.

Last night I had a vivid nightmare that woke me up around 3AM.  Now that I’ve been up and about, it hardly seems as scary as it did when it woke me up, but that’s hardly the point.  I suppose the point is that it was so jarring, and to be honest I don’t recall ever having a dream quite like it.  I’m usually the person the dream is about, but I was a spectator in this one and…Okay, I’m done rambling, I’ll go ahead and tell my dream.

(Like I said above, I was a spectator in all of this, like the invisible-but-not camera man when the actors are in the car going somewhere.)

A couple were in the car going to pick up their daughter from school.  The woman was driving and her husband (or maybe boyfriend) was on a laptop.  The two of them were discussing that what they were doing probably wasn’t such a good idea, no matter how cool it really was.  It was like I had come in right in the middle of their conversation.  The guy told the woman:

“It’s almost over anyway; we just wanted to know if it would work, shut up.”

As he was saying this, the laptop screen went black and a demon appeared.  The two got really quiet and the guy remarked:

“Holy shit…it actually worked…”

The woman didn’t say anything, she kept trying to not look at the screen and focus on driving.  For a little bit it was like they were completely entranced by what was on the screen.  Even though the woman was watching the road, her curiosity kept getting the best of her and she kept glancing over.  I could tell the two of them were both scared, but still intrigued by the demon on the screen.

At first, it didn’t seem like the demon was real, like it was a screen saver or something.  But after a moment it started moving, looking between the two.  (I can’t remember anything about the demon; except when I really try to think about it, it reminded me of the telepathic demon on Buffy.  It had a mouth, though…)  Finally the woman said:

“Can you close that?  It’s really creeping me out.  It’s like it’s watching us.”

The guy didn’t argue, and after closing the lid, he put the laptop on the floorboard of the backseat.  The two rode in silence for a bit, unsure of what to say.  Then a sound was heard, like dripping water (but for some reason I knew it was blood).  The couple looked around, wondering where the sound was coming from, until the guy said it was from the laptop.  He reached for it but suddenly pulled his hand away, saying it was hot.  The woman proceeded to have a freak-out of sorts, saying it was a mistake, now they have a demon trapped in a laptop and there’s no guarantee they can get it out.  Even if they get the demon out who knows if it would come after them…she kept going on and on until the guy stopped her and said they would figure everything out (whatever that meant).

The finally reach the school and their daughter gets in, she couldn’t have been more than 5 or 6.  They all did the normal “how was school?” exchange for a little bit, then settled into silence.  The daughter looked around,  noticed the laptop, and asked if she can use it.  The couple looked at each other and it’s like their morality twisted, like they wanted to give their child a good scare by letting her open the laptop.  The guy said yes, she can if she really wanted to, and the girl reached for it.  She pulled her hand back and said that it’s hot, but the guy tells her it’s nothing, it’s just been on for a while.  The girl looked at him like she’s unsure, and then down at the laptop.  (I could tell she was getting apprehensive and nervous.)

The dripping started again. The girl looked at the laptop and asked her parents why the noise is coming from the computer.  The guy said something along the lines of:

“You hear it, too?  We aren’t sure what is, it’s probably nothing, just a sound effect or something.”

The girl started to look scared (and the feeling in the car isn’t helping anything), but she picked up the laptop.  She opened the lid and when she saw the demon she started screaming, an awful bloodcurdling scream.

I woke up right after that.

I realize now as it’s written out that the build up and dramatic tension was a bit overdone, and how it seemed to take forever for the couple to reach the school, but when I was dreaming it it didn’t seem so hokey…I think the girl’s scream was what scared me most of all.


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