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I had just started another bog on here, but decided to change my user name…

I never thought I’d try the whole “blogosphere” thing.  I used to have a DeadJournal in high school, which is the “darker” version of LiveJournal I suppose.  Seeing as how I was in 9th grade, my posts were rarely anything more than whinings, rants about school or how my life utterly sucked.

I of course was a mere child then, no matter how grown up I wanted to be.  I’m not entirely sure how this blog would be any different than that first online journal, except that now I’m 22 with a steady job, debt, and I watch the news and try to focus on how my government makes radical changes that will or does affect my life…Actually that’s not entirely accurate.  as much as I try to follow all the policies and whatever of Governmental America, really the only relative thing to me at this time is my job; mostly about keeping and somehow paying my bills each month, you know, like every other middle-class American these days?

I know for certain this blog will include work.  Seeing as how I work at a television station, and while small-time we do air relevant news stories for North East Georgia.  We know we’re not big budget, and half the time, we rarely ever take ourselves seriously.  To be honest, our programming is rubbish.  I may feel like blogging about this at some point in the future.

Seeing as how I can’t really think of much else to type about without it becoming it’s own post, I suppose I’ve reached the end of my first blog post.  Except to wonder how people get paid for this sort of thing…extra income nowadays is always a plus.


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