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I’ve always been secure in the knowledge that I’m nerdier/geekier than most of the girls I went to high school with.  I LOVE technology, video games, car tech…honestly the CNET site is my haven for all things tech.  I’ll explain my fanatic love for them in a bit.  Anyway, I’ve always considered myself a nerd until it was recently brought to my attention that ‘nerd’ status isn’t truly official until you do something awesome and tech geek/nerd related.

I’ve lost most of you, I can tell.  You know the nerds you went to school with that were already building cpu’s before you’d learned your way around Word?  They’ve already proven themselves as nerds.  With me now?  Let us continue.

Some funny anecdotes and the bricking of the Blackberry.

I remember when I got my hands on my first laptop (only made so by my mother buying herself a new one and giving me the cast-off), and within 6 months I had crashed it 7 times.  (The first 5 were to see if I could manage it and then revive it, the last 2 were completely accidental.)

I kept that obsolete piece of junk running another three or so years; even after replacing the screen (accident, it was knocked off my bed by an unruly cat), the hard drive (another accident), an experimental OS wipe in favor of a Linux test-run, and like 9 re-installs of XP.  I remember one re-install was because I tried my hand in hacking that proved disastrous (nerd-fail strike 1 and rookie mistake).  I think only 2 XP re-installs were actually full and complete (as in asking me for the verification keys), meaning I had like 7 incomplete layers of OS.  While my OS wipe in favor of Linux was effective, I could never get the hang of the open source coding (nerd-fail strike 2 and rookie mistake).

I successfully broke my computer after 4 or 5 years of abuse, and it breathed its last during the wipe of Linux and re-(times 9)install of XP.  The CD drive gave out, locking the computer in perpetual Safe Mode limbo before all the drivers made it back onto the hard drive.  (I of course got a new laptop, my Toshiba Satellite that I love so much.)

All those times I was so close to obtaining nerd status, but I always fell short.  It could be argued that I’ve accomplished more with my computer than most people (no matter how horribly wrong it’s gone), but I was never satisfied with almost destroying one thing.

Enter my third and final attempt at official nerd-status.

A few months ago I learned the 5.0 OS for RIM had leaked online, and I wanted to be all cool and upgrade my phone.  I thought “Eh, how hard can it be?” (See where this is going?) I found out the hard way that is is incredibly easy to brick a Blackberry, and a bit more difficult to bring one back to life.  A close friend (and fellow geek) tried to rush to my rescue, and also informed me that if I could bring back my beloved BBerry on my own, I would have official status as a nerd.

I felt like her.

It’s ALIVE! and my nerd status.

It took several hours, an Excedrin (or 3, I can’t remember), and a lot of swearing, but I did it.  My phone was as good as new, in the literal sense because I had to re-install my apps…but I was just happy that my phone was alive once more. Lesson learned, just because I read through the process to upgrade the OS didn’t actually mean I had followed every step.  I understand this is a common rookie mistake (rookie mistake 3 for those keeping track), and one I’ll be sure to never repeat.  Well, given my history with OSs, that could be a short-lived resolution.

On to CNET.

As I said in the beginning of this post, I love CNET.  Back when I was crashing my old laptop every other week, I was always on their download page looking for new software to junk up my hard drive, but I digress.

I realized not too long ago that my nerdism status had grown while I was catching up on my podcasts.  Every single one of them is a CNET podcast:

  • The Apple Byte
  • Buzz Out Loud
  • The Buzz Report
  • Car tech
  • CNET’s Top 5
  • Dialed In
  • Gadgettes
  • Mailbag (although this technically doesn’t count, Molly Wood scrapped the Mailbag project February 9, 2010 in lieu of her numerous other projects)

I could ramble on and on about this, but skip to the end: I completely enjoy being a nerd.


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