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It’s hard to put together a decent post when your brain feels like a bowl of tangled spaghetti. There’s a part of me that wants to rant and whine and complain. I suppose it would make me feel better if I did, in some ways I might even be entitled to a bit of complaining. Trouble is, I can’t form a decent complaint in my head. In truth, I can’t really think at all.

I guess my “Horrible Summer ’11” started when I lost my job. I can’t even remember when that was. April? That’s sad that it hasn’t been that long ago, and yet I can’t recall the date. :/ I applied for school, but that doesn’t start until August. In truth it’s not that long of a wait, but keeping with the grand scheme of science, time is dragging its feet. I’m glad June is finally over, but July might last forever.

Anywho, everything seemed to be going well, as far as being unemployed goes, when my mom goes to the hospital. She was having horrible abdomen pains, which she thought was Diverticulitis. (She’d had this before and had surgery to correct it.) The nurses ran tests, did scans, took x-rays, and saw a mass on mom’s ovaries. Surgery time, because naturally everyone thinks cancer.

It wasn’t cancer. The mass wasn’t even on her ovaries, it was on her pelvic wall. But mom’s ovaries were swollen, and her fallopian tubes were twisted and necrotic. In short, everything was a mess, and the dead tissue from her fallopian tubes could have killed her. Without even waiting for consent, her doctor did an emergency hysterectomy. He saved her life.

She’s home and healing, everything is going fine where she’s concerned.

Moving on:

My younger half brother called me last night and informed me that our dad (my biological dad) had a stroke and was in the hospital. Further information over the course of last night/this morning was he had actually had 3 strokes back to back, two smaller ones and a big one. The left side of his face is paralyzed, and they’re not sure if it’s temporary or permanent. He promised to keep me updated.

I just saw him at the beginning of June, and I remember him telling me the doctors were having a hard time getting his blood pressure down. No matter what they put him on, it wasn’t working, like there wasn’t a dosage high enough.

I’m not extremely close to my real dad, but I do love him and his side of the family. They’re family. And I certainly don’t want anything bad to happen to them, so this…this is bothering me. I don’t know how to be right now, I can’t process what’s going on inside my head. This summer has been absolutely horrible. I know for certain there have been some fun times, but right now it’s all being overshadowed.

I can’t wait for school to start. I need something to take my mind off everything. Because I just can’t think.


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I neglect this thing far too much.

I haven’t fully decided if it’s because I wait until things happen in my life that are worth writing about, or if I only write when I try to alleviate my guilt for not putting forth any effort to be the writer I know I can be.  Probably both; although I seemed to have more to say when I was a whiny, angsty teenager complaining in my DeadJournal… O__o

Where to begin?  I suppose the beginning is always the best place, especially if one is catching up.  I suppose I should start in December, after my last post.  That’s where I left off, anyway.

I was living in Newnan with friends, on unemployment still, and fervently trying to look for a job.  Nothing panned out, the new year came and went, we started fighting about money, we had a falling out, I moved back home with my parents.  (There’s the annotated version because the long-winded version plays out like a bad soap opera in my head every time I think about it.  Everything is over and done with, and while I regret losing a best friend for something very stupid, it still happened.  We live and we learn, and truth be told I will never do that again.)

Enter February.  I started a new job as a quality control technician in a plant that’s not far from the house.  Sounds fancy, doesn’t it?  It’s not.  Putting it simply, I inspect parts that are made in the plant.  The plant itself (TI Automotive), makes gas tanks for certain models of BMW, Volkswagon, and Hyundai/Kia cars.  There’s about 8 different lines running in the plant, not to mention all the shipping and receiving that goes on.  It’s loud, crazy, and monotonous work.  Truth be told, I hate it, only I can’t complain because the pay is not bad and I can pay my bills.

I only complain about the job until the “this job is bigger than you” thought crosses my mind.  Then I get set back into my place for a while.  The plant makes gas tanks that will be in cars that people actually drive, and I’m inspecting the parts.  I stop complaining after that.  The job is still boring, though.  I catch myself watching the press near me make a part and the robots do their designed task.  Boring as it in there, it’s fascinating.

Moving on.

Ever since I went to London in 2007, I’ll pine for it every 3-6 months.  I’ve been missing it lately, just thought I’d share.

Lately I’ve gotten this bug about getting things done, and not leaving anything unfinished.  This includes writing, cleaning, whatever I can think of that I’d usually put off.  I started digging through my notebooks trying to find a script for a movie I was working on, only to remember that it was on my external hard drive, which crashed ages ago.  Back to square 1 on that one.

I was without a gaming console for a few weeks after I applied the January Dashboard update to my Xbox.  My original 360 Elite went through a ton of freezes before it finally red ringed, so I took it apart (my warranty was gone ages ago) and attempted to fix it myself in addition to modding the case.  The fix didn’t work, so now my case mod is useless, especially since I gave up and purchased a newer 360.  X_x  I tried to save it, though.  I really did.  I can game again, but I’m sad I can’t use my Emilie Autumn 360 case mod.  It really is beautiful.

I’ve got a lot of things running through my mind but no clear way as to how I want to convey them.  Maybe that’s why I get so many headaches, too many pressing thoughts. :3

Well, this seems to be a good place as any to leave off.  I feel I’ve bloggored enough today, and I should get to writing something; although it’s more likely I’ll end up playing BioShock 2 until bed, though.

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Lull in posting.

I do realize I haven’t posted anything since possibly December (not going to check, either, I know it’s been a while), and I don’t really have a good reason.

I haven’t really had much to talk about. I’m now into my second month of unemployment (still unsuccessful in finding a job), and truth be told I was done with not having a job a week after losing my job.  Out of sheer boredom I completely cleaned and organized my room, and now I’m catching up on the shows I have on my computer.

Said shows include:

  • Supernatural (all 5 seasons, up to most recent episode)
  • Criminal Minds (all 5 seasons, up to most recent episode)
  • Queer as Folk (all 5 seasons)
  • The Vampire Diaries (all current episodes, completely caught up)
  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer (all 7 seasons)
  • House (all 6 seasons up to most recent episode)
  • The Mentalist (1st season)

I’m currently on Supernatural, halfway through season 4. I have also been buying things (not LOTS of things, I splurge here and there), like make-up, a new pair of sunglasses (LOVE them), and books.  Not novel-type books, more like graphic novels.

As a former Buffy fanatic who has seen most of all the seasons (will be catching up on missed episodes soon), I took the opportunity to delve into the season 8 graphic novels.  I say they’re decent, 4 1/5 out of 5 stars.  The art is good, the pacing is decent, and it’s interesting seeing how they translated the show into comic form.  The witty humor is still there, but I took off the half star out of spite.  I miss the show, and while a tight budget would poorly translate the comic to the screen, I would love to see season 8 in live-action.  I’ll deal.

Next I’m looking to acquire the Gunslinger graphic novels.  Stephen King is hands-down my favorite author, and owning anything even related to his work is good enough for me.  That and a growing curiosity concerning Roland’s childhood…

Utter boredom notwithstanding, I have found a better use of my ample time:

Visiting family. Next week (Monday-ish) I will be heading to my cousin’s, where on Wednesday we will board a plane and go to Michigan to spend a week.  I have been looking forward to this trip since I booked my plane ticket in January.  I adore Michigan and am looking forward to the opportunity to meet my cousin’s friends and family (she’s my cousin by marriage), in addition t spending time outside of Georgia for a change.

Then when I get back, there will be a 1 – 2 day recuperation, then I will spend maybe a week at another cousin’s house.  During any given year (job or not), I usually only see my family towards the end of the year, during holidays.  I welcome the change to spend time with them outside the “family norm”, although I utterly loathe my jobless state.

We shall see what the rest of the month brings…

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